Hempcrete Stool

Ian Anderson

Hempcrete Stool by Ian Anderson
Hempcrete Stool by Ian Anderson
Hempcrete Stool

Design and photography by Ian Anderson
Published in Fall 2019

In making this stool, you will be producing an unconventional yet efficient building material with both insulation and thermal mass properties. Made up of hemp hurd, lime, and a binder material, hempcrete (as a single material) is a natural and carbon negative alternative to the abundant layers of insulation, drywall, cladding, etc… that cover the walls of our homes today. In some ways, the simple instructions for this stool are the same as instructions for building a wall of your home with this material. More on hempcrete here. The simple assembly process takes up to 1 hour to complete.

Hempcrete Stool by Ian Anderson
Hempcrete Stool by Ian Anderson
Hemp Hurd (Shiv)
Quantity required: 2.5 Cubic Ft (roughly 17lb, 7.5kg)
Hydrated Lime
Quantity required: 20lb (9kg)
Portland Cement
Quantity required: 5lb (2.3kg)
Sealer, non-toxic
Quantity required: Just a sample size, if available
Packaging Tape
Mixing Bucket
Protective Plastic or Rubber Gloves
Disposable Cup
Alternative Parts
*This material is much harder to obtain, but it is a by-product of some glass production, so less ecologically destructive to use than portland cement.
Replaces: Portland Cement
Quantity required: 10lb (4.5kg)
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