DIY extrusion vase designed by Aandersson

Large Extrusion Vase, designed by Aandersson, made with cut-to-size extruded aluminum framing, 1 hour assembly time

One Gallon Floor Lamp, two tools required, 100 USD average cost, under 2 hour assembly

DIY floor lamp designed by Aandersson
DIY marble tile side table designed by Aandersson

Marble Tile Side Table, easy to assemble in 30 minutes, with full-size marble tile samples and aluminum brackets

Extrusion Velvet Sofa, easy to dismantle and move aluminum framing, difficult to assemtle, costs 700 USD on average

DIY velvet sofa couch designed by Aandersson
DIY extrusion vase designed by Aandersson

Extrusion Vase, 23cm tall, 30 minute assembly time, made with anodized aluminum in black or grey, costs under 50 USD

Translucent Fruit Bowl, 1 hour assembly time, costs under 50 USD, made with moldable and re-moldable plastic

DIY translucent fruit bowl designed by Aandersson
DIY globe pendant light designed by Aandersson

Utility Pendant Light, medium assembly difficulty, moving sling light switch, 2 hour assembly time

Extrusion Bookends, made with reinforced anodized aluminum framing, easy to assemble in 30 minutes

DIY extrusion bookends designed by Aandersson
DIY plastic Pepper Mill designed by Aandersson

Translucent Pepper + Salt Mill, 1 hour assembly time, made with moldable plastic and a ceramic mechanism, 50 USD average cost